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'You did not know that you had left me among
the Isahpos—Crows. You all remember the
second fight we had with the Crows5 the next day
after we crept Into their camp and took their
horses while they were sleeping,

'It was my fault that I was hit by the Crows.
When we ambuscaded them and they ran toward
the river, some of us wanted to go after them.,
but our medicine-man White Dog would not
allow us to. I wanted a Crow scalp of my own,
for the scalp which they had taken from my
brother, and so I slipped away from the rest
when you were talking there, and went on after
the Crows, down to the river.

'When I came upon them they were throwing
off their blankets and jumping Into the river, to
swim across to the other side. I ran up to one
fellow and struck him with my battle-axe, and as
I sat down on his chest to scalp him I saw six
others coming toward me. When I jumped up
they fired on me. One of their bullets struck me
in the knee and tore it off. I crawled Into the
bush and then slid my body down Into the water,
and held to a branch with only my nose sticking
out of the water. They looked for me a long
time before they left.

'When they had gone I crawled back Into the
bush, and kept crawling until daylight.

CI was sitting in the middle of a field resting the